Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome to CadenceMD

Welcome to the CadenceMD blog, where we'll discuss scheduling and patient flow in physician practices, including tips, metrics, and best practices. Our goal is to make it easier for providers to run on time and improve productivity and throughput by sharing what we've learned and encouraging others to do the same. This is part of the mission of CadenceMD, providing innovative technology solutions that enable physician organizations to improve operational efficiency and patient experience.

Why the name CadenceMD? Good things happen when doctors run on time – patients are happier, it's less stressful for doctors and staff, it's easier to manage, and efficiency/productivity goes up! Running on time starts with a regular  sequence of flow – "cadence." When providers have good cadence, they have balance, consistency, and efficiency.

So whether you are on the front line (provider, care team member, call center, or reception staff), supporting staff (IT, finance, or lean/six sigma consultant), or management (healthcare executive or practice manager), we hope you'll benefit from – and join in – the discussion.

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